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May 6, 2012
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Round 3: Those Who Don't Know Their Pre-History (Part 2)

When we last left our intrepid Raptor-slaying heroes, they were all fighting off Troodon and managed to escape them thanks to the sun still being out. They had acquired new weapons and new technology. Of course after managing to nearly escaping the Troodon, they were now faced with the largest of all dromaeosaurs: the colossal Megaraptor! Armed with submachine guns, shotguns, and semi-auto rifles, can Dempsey and the rest of the group hope to fight the Megaraptor? Let's find out!

The group of zombie slayers turned Raptor slayers now found themselves in a real fix. They found themselves running through the jungles of Jurassic Park with a ravenous hungry Megaraptor dead on their heels. The Megaraptor actually wants to just eat Nikolai because he was the portly of the four Raptor slayers. The four Raptor slayers were running through the jungles, firing their weapons at the Megaraptor.
"Um, this thing isn't going down, guys! WHAT DO WE DO?!" Nikolai said, firing his M14 rifle at the Megaraptor's head. All it seemed to do was annoy her. The Megaraptor shook her head over and over, growling and shrieking as the bullets hit her face.
"As Takeo said in last round: 'He is open to suggestions!" Takeo said, firing his Uzi submachine gun at the Megaraptor over, making her even more irritated. The more bullets that the Raptor slayers shot at the Megaraptor, the hungrier she got.
"We should run!" Samantha said, reloading her Uzi submachine gun.
"Good idea!" Dempsey said, taking lead of the group running into the dense jungle. Nikolai quickly ran with Dempsey, slinging his M14 rifle over his right shoulder. Takeo and Samantha soon followed, running behind Nikolai and Dempsey.
"How can we kill this thing?! It won't die!" Nikolai said, firing at the giant Megaraptor with his M14 again before running. The Megaraptor then managed to pin Nikolai down with her foot. She then lowered her head to try and grab Nikolai in her large jaws. Nikolai struggled to get away from it, shaking and flailing around like a fish out of water.
"You want something to eat?! EAT THIS!!" Nikolai yelled. He grabbed a frag grenade from his belt, pulled the pin off of it and then threw it into the Megaraptor's open mouth. The Megaraptor then felt the grenade fly in its throat, but it got stuck on its uvula. The Megaraptor coughed and coughed in surprise as the grenade suddenly got stuck in its throat. She then coughed the grenade up before it exploded, spitting it at a tree. The tree then fell on her foot, making her screech out and let go of Nikolai. Dempsey and Samantha then rushed and helped Nikolai to his feet. The Megaraptor then recovered and continued the chase. As the pursuit continued, the four got deeper and deeper into the dense jungle. The Megaraptor had lost them in the thick brush of the jungle and screeched loudly at the four as they got away. Dempsey and the rest of the group then fells to the ground after stopping, all laying on the ground to catch their breath.
"That big bird lizard doesn't even want to eat you guys! It wants me!" Nikolai said lying on the ground huffing and puffing.
"I say let them, Nikolai. Takeo is too skinny to be eaten anyway." Takeo said jokingly but still huffing out of breath.
"Oh ha-ha, Takeo. Just wait till she does eat me. You're next!" Nikolai said while huffing and puffing for breath.
"Okay…. I think we lost her…for now." Dempsey said sitting on a log holding his M14 rifle. He had about nine magazines on it left on it, which was plenty of ammunition ever since he got the Double Max Ammo.
"What I would give for the lemon-lime taste of a Stamin-Up right now. All we seem to be doing is running." Samantha said while laying on the ground breathing hard along with everyone else.
Dempsey then looked around and saw weapon outlines on the trees. One was a short weapon that had an outline very similar to the Commando assault rifle back on Moon. The only difference between was that the weapons iron sights were reminiscent of the M16 and the shoulder grip was a lot like the Commando assault rifle's grip. The weapon was about 1500 points. He then looked around and then saw a weapon outline on a tree further down. It was a long weapon with a scope. A sniper rifle, but it was rather large and the muzzle had a semi-hexagon shape. The scope was very large with the possibility of a variable zoom. The mammoth size of the overall rifle suggested it used a rather bulky round, a fifty-caliber bullet. The rifle was about 3000 points. As Dempsey walked through the camp, he couldn't help but get the feeling that someone was watching him. He looked around all over but could not see anyone. Until he saw a Coke-bottle shaped figure in the trees and it ran away. He soon followed after it but then it disappeared again. After he stopped chasing it, he ran into a red and white machine. It had a white cross with a red bullet over it. The machine had the name "Jugger-Nog" written across it in red cursive letters. It was the Juggernog vending machine. It costs 2500 points to get a drink. Jugger-Nog gives the user the power to withstand up to six hits from an enemy. A smile lit up on Dempsey's face and he looked at the machine.
"HEY GUYS! I FOUND THE JUGGER-NOG MACHINE!" Dempsey said. Everyone soon came running to where Dempsey was in the jungle and found him in front of the Jugger-Nog machine. Everyone was looking at the machine in awe.
"Sweet mystery of life at last, Takeo has found it!" Takeo said gleefully.
"Nikolai is so happy…IT'S BEAUTIFUL!" Nikolai said looking teary-eyed at the Jugger-Nog machine.
"Quick! Let's get some before we're attacked by dinosaurs again!" Samantha said, getting her points ready. She then began to approach the machine ready to buy her Jugger-Nog. But Takeo felt that something was wrong when they found the Jugger-Nog Machine.
"Samantha, wait!" Takeo yelled. But it was too late. A hungry Velociraptor jumped down onto Samantha and wrestled with her. It was the same Alpha Female that Samantha gave the scar across the eye to.
"Not again! Get off of Sam!" Samantha said as the Raptor bit her on the arm. Samantha then kicked the Raptor in the stomach and then slashed her again on the hand. She then jumped backward, screeching at Sam and the others. The Alpha Female had been waiting there for them to come to get the Jugger-Nog the whole time after retreating due to being by herself.
"Looks like Slash's back for round two, boys!" Dempsey said pulling out his Uzi submachine gun.
"You named it?!" Samantha said getting up after fighting off Slash. She then got out her Uzi as well.
"Well it's better than just calling it a Raptor!" Dempsey said firing at it. Slash then started to move quickly but got hit in the tail three times by Dempsey. She then let out a loud Raptor call, bringing in reinforcements.
"She's calling in reinforcements! GET HER!" Takeo said, pulling out his Uzi as well and firing at Slash. Slash then dodged, being a second ahead of Takeo's bullets. After hearing her calls, about thirty-nine other Raptors appeared. They were in the trees, the bushes, and just about everywhere you looked. Slash then seemed to have a smug look on her face and then sounded the attack. The Raptors attacked from all sides, bearing their teeth and killer claws. Dempsey took out about two of them but soon became overwhelmed.
"Welcome to McDempsey's! MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER?!" Dempsey said with a twist of fear and bravado. He then started firing more bullets at the ravenous surrounding Raptors. He managed to kill four of them but there was just too many. Seeing this, Takeo tossed a grenade at his position.
"FIRE IN THE HOLE!" Takeo yelled and then ducked for cover with Dempsey, Nikolai, and Samantha behind a tree. The grenade had killed about five Raptors in one blast. Dempsey then got pulled on the arm by one of the Raptors, but he quickly stabbed it in the skull with his knife. Blood spurted out from its head onto Dempsey's Marine uniform and he then kicked the giant lizard off of him after it limply died. Dempsey then looked to see the others climbing a tree.
"Quickly, Dempsey! UP HERE!" Samantha said, climbing the tree. Slash had grabbed her by the leg as she was climbing the tree, biting on her and pulling her down.
"Let him—I mean her, go!" Nikolai said. He then pulled out his Trench Gun and fired at Slash, missing her slightly. Slash let go as the buckshot touched her scaly dinosaur skin. Soon, all of the Velociraptors surrounded the tree that the four Raptor slayers were in.
"Looks like we're caught between giant lizards and a high place, gentlemen! What do we do?!" Samantha said while reloading her Uzi submachine gun.
"These things are too smart! Slash knew we would be coming for Jugger-Nog, so she waited and gathered her forces just waiting to go for the kill!" Takeo said while looking at the Raptors jumping up and down, snapping at their legs and arms. Slash continuously snapped at Samantha, wanting to kill her for the scar that she previously gave her. All of the characters had plenty of points but most were running short on ammunition for their new guns. Nikolai still had a good number of shotgun shells in his Trench Gun. Dempsey had about four magazines of Uzi ammo. Takeo had about three for his own Uzi and Samantha had five magazines for hers.
"No duh, Takeo! WE KNOW THAT NOW! But how are we going to kill all of them?! They're EVERYWHERE!" Nikolai said while reloading his Trench Gun. He then managed to take out three Raptors in one shotgun blast. One Raptor was across on a tree across from the one that the Raptor slayers were on. The Raptor then jumped on the tree to where they were trapped. Nikolai then shot the Raptor off of the tree with his Trench Gun, blasting the Raptor in the stomach and exposing its innards and rib cage. The Raptor screeched in agony and fell to the ground dead with the other Raptors. A few of the Raptors below began eating the corpses of the other dead Raptors.
"Clever girl….but not clever enough, hell-lizard!" Nikolai said while pumping the empty shell out of his Trench Gun. The Raptors then began climbing the tree after them, snapping their jaws and screaming at them.
"They're climbing the tree! We need to get out of this tree! NOW! I'm getting low on this Uzi!" Dempsey said, holding his Uzi and firing at Raptor after Raptor. After he shot a third Raptor, a power-up appeared on the tree trunk. It has the appearance of a shiny Wunderwaffe DG-2 and a large lightning bolt cross each other like a coat of arms. It would be of some use to the Raptor slayers, but who would be insane enough to get it?
"Look! A power-up! It may do something to get us out of this shit jam! Who wants it?!" Dempsey said loading his fourth magazine in his Uzi.
"Not me! Nikolai is like Russian pork dinner to those fucking lizards!" Nikolai said loading two shells into his Trench Gun.
"Sam does not feel like having her insides spilled out. Stop getting dirty thoughts, Nikolai!" Samantha said looking down at the Raptors still snapping at them.
"Well I guess that leaves you, Tak—hey where is he?" Dempsey said holding his M14 rifle firing at the Raptors.
"BANZAIIIIIIIIIII!!!" Takeo said jumping down from the tree and falling into the power-up. His Uzi submachine gun then switched over to a Wunderwaffe DG-2, a gun designed by Doctor Richtofen. It was a gun that could harness the element of lighting. It lacked an iron sight but in almost any situation when surrounded by zombies, it was a perfect room-clearing weapon. When firing on a group of zombies, it uses chain lighting to take out more than one zombie. For example, when faced with a group of about eight to nine zombies. If you hit one, the lightning spreads to the other eight zombies, electrocuting their whole nervous system and frying them from the inside. It also utilizes Element 115 is its power source, which ironically is the same element that brought the zombies in the first place. It also uses light bulbs as ammunition, each packing a charge put out by 115. Each magazine for the gun has three light bulbs.
"ELECTRICIAN!" Richtofen's voice said as Takeo acquired the power-up. The Electrician Power-Up is a power-up that activates all electric barriers and electric fences for about two and a half minutes. Also as an added bonus, the person who grabs it will be given a Wunderwaffe DG-2 with unlimited ammo.
"Whoo! Takeo now has extra juice!" Takeo said as he touched the power-up. The Raptors immediately started to try and attack Takeo. Takeo then opened fire with the Wunderwaffe DG-2, electrocuting about seven Raptors in one blast. The lightning bolts were all chained together in a large line. The Raptors screeched and roared as they were zapped and convulsed on the ground and laid dead.
"Quickly! While Takeo is giving them shock therapy, let's get the Jugger-Nog! Nikolai is thirsty!" Nikolai said, jumping down from the tree.
"I'm right behind you!" Dempsey said jumping down along with him and Samantha. Seven Raptors soon turned their attention to Dempsey, Nikolai, and Samantha. They began rushing towards them, but Takeo quickly shot them down with the Wunderwaffe. Some of them had their heads split apart from the intense surge of electricity running through their nervous system.
"Keep going! Takeo has this under control!" Takeo said. He then saw Slash turning her attention to him. She then called out loud to the rest of the pack, telling them to attack Takeo. She was the first to attack but the minute she touched Takeo, Slash flew right into an electrified fence, convulsing and screeching at the top of her lungs and then fell to the ground. It was a large metallic electric fence that was electrocuting the Raptors like a giant bug-zapper. Takeo, along with his comrades, were already on the other side of the fence, watching the Raptors convulse on the ground. A few of them that were shocked had their skeletons showing as they flashed. Despite the electric fences, Slash continued to try and climb the fence, using her claws and legs like a human. She was taking the electricity as if she was exposed to extreme pain before.
"Behold! The Electric Katana!" Takeo said, firing again at a platoon of Raptors and electrocuting them. Slash felt the shock of every electric part of the fence and finally fell as she reached the other side of the fence.
"I have to hand it to this one. She doesn't give up!" Takeo said watching her fall to the other side of the fence. As Takeo continued to hold the Raptors back, Dempsey and the rest managed to get to the Jugger-Nog Machine. Jugger-Nog is a Perk-A-Cola that gives the drinker extra health and faster healing properties. Each time the person bought the Perk, the very last part of the Perk-A-Cola song would play. Dempsey was the first to get Jugger-Nog.
"Ahh, I'd reach for her Juggs any day. Haha! Now to go help Takeo!" Dempsey said after drinking his Jugger-Nog.
"Ah good! Nikolai has now been upgraded to Russian Bear!" Nikolai said after drinking his Jugger-Nog. He then went with Dempsey to give Takeo some covering fire. He managed to kill
"Samantha feels all muscle-like all over. Like The Hulk! Now to go help Uncle Tak!" Samantha then got out her Uzi and started fighting the Raptors, killing three of them in a few bursts. Two minutes had passed and the Electrician power-up wore off. The electric gates then lowered and Takeo's Wunderwaffe disappeared from his hands.
"Well, that's the end of that. But we're going to need new weapons soon. Almost out of ammo on my Uzi and my M14. By the way, did anyone see someone jumping around in the trees?" Dempsey said, loading his M14 with a new magazine of Double Max Ammo.
"I agree. And I can't say that I have seen anyone in the trees. It must've been one of the Raptors." Takeo said while matting his uniform and his hair down. The Electrician power-up has a habit of raising hair when acquired.
"Nope. I saw nothing." Samantha said looking around.
"I did." Nikolai quickly said.
"You did?! WHERE?!" Dempsey asked urgently.
"I am not sure. Maybe I was drunk or just seeing things. My eyesight is not so good without Speed Cola. It clears Nikolai's sight like back in that theatre."
"Which reminds me! Takeo needs Jugger-Nog!" Takeo said running to Jugger-Nog. He bought it and then drank the perk down quickly and smashed the bottle.
"Never mind." Dempsey said. Suddenly, the smell of death filled the air. It smelled like the pungent warm insides of a zombie that were just ripped out by a Bowie Knife, only it was much larger and very potent. Something large must have died near the Raptor Slayers and the smell traveled through the jungle.
"Ewww. Nikolai!" Dempsey, Takeo, and Samantha said thinking the smell was from Nikolai.
"Nikolai passes gas one time and everyone thinks it's him a second time! It wasn't me, I swear!" Nikolai protested.
"Then where is that horrible stench coming from?" Takeo said looking around the jungle. He then went over to the Raptor corpses. Though they smelled burnt and stinky, there were not enough Raptor corpses to make a smell that large. Something VERY large had died. Dempsey and the rest of the team continued to follow the source of the smell. Dempsey had his M14 rifle in his hands, stalking along the ground to not pass out from the smell. Nikolai held his Trench Gun in his hand and plugged his nose to not take in the smell. Samantha and Takeo soon followed also plugging their noses. They walked and walked through the dense jungle, pulling bushes away and following the smell. As they got closer, the smell became more and more potent. When they managed to find the source of smell, they were all in awe of what their eyes were beholding.
"What—" Dempsey said.
"Is—" Takeo said after Dempsey.
"That—" Nikolai said
"Thing?!" Samantha said.
What the Raptor Slayers were looking at was the mountainous carcass of a fully-grown female Brachiosaurus. It was about eight feet in length and if it were standing she would be about forty feet tall. She was light grey in her skin color. Back when she was alive, carnivores, due to their mammoth size, couldn't hunt herself and her kind. Brachiosaurus were simply too large to take on, unless of course if it was old, weak, or even better, young. No carnivore killed this particular Brachiosaur. Not even a Tyrannosaurus Rex would be stupid enough to take on something of her size. It is most likely she got separated from her herd and died of dehydration. Brachiosaurs were very slow due to their enormous body mass. They could weigh up to about 43.9 metric tons at an adult size. But this particular Brachiosaur had millions upon tons of meat on her, making her a literal Brachiosaur buffet.
"This dinosaur is huge! What kind is it?" Takeo asked. He then pulled out his DinoPedia device and aimed the laser at the large Brachiosaur. The DinoPedia then beeped, bringing up a holographic image of the Brachiosaur.
"Brachiosaurus. Dinosaur Classification: Sauropod. Era of Existence: Late Jurassic, circa 150 -140 million years ago. Name meaning: "Arm lizard". Brachiosaurus has been recorded as among one of the largest living North American sauropod dinosaurs. Its neck was an estimated 30 feet tall, long enough to eat ferns and leaves from the tops of even the tallest of trees. Because of its massive size, large carnivorous dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, almost never hunted it. Its size was rather intimidating. For digestive purposes, Brachiosaurus swallowed thin large stones called gastroliths to grind up their food in their stomachs. Their teeth were specially designed to rip leaves right off of branches. They are also known for their noses being at the top of their heads for when they are in the water."
"Wow…this thing is fuckin' huge! But how can it make such a big stink?" Nikolai said. Suddenly, there was a large ripping sound like meat being ripped apart along with a crushing sound. Some dinosaur was eating this Brachiosaur on the other side. Dempsey, Takeo, Samantha, and Nikolai peeked around the other side of the corpse. They saw a whole mess of blood spilled all over the ground and continued hearing ripping and chomping sounds. The smell was definitely getting stronger now, almost suffocating. To the group's surprise, there was a large carnivorous dinosaur greedily eating at the contents of the Brachiosaur's freshly fallen corpse. It had a large red and grey sail on its back and walked on two legs. It was also red on the top half of its body and grey down below on the underbelly. It had a long snout like a crocodile, green eyes, and enormous arms with claws. In its jaws was a bloody piece of the Brachiosaur's flesh, warm and dripping red. The dinosaur then raised its head up high, swallowed the piece of red flesh quickly, and then dug its blood-colored nose deep into the belly of the Brachiosaur corpse.
"Hmm, let Nikolai see what you are." Nikolai said, pulling out his DinoPedia device. He pointed it at the large dinosaur, getting the laser beam on it. The DinoPedia then showed a holographic image of the giant dinosaur.
"Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. Dinosaur classification: Theropod. Sub-dinosaur classification: Spinosaurinae. Era of existence: Early Cretaceous, circa 112 – 97 million years ago. Name meaning: "Spine Lizard". Spinosaurus is well known as the largest carnivorous dinosaur that ever lived. It was even larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex. But as large as this Spinosaurus was, it was not suited to hunt large prey dinosaurs like Edmontosaurus. Its teeth were serrated like knifes to hook and slice into flesh. It has the remarkable appearance of the crocodile due to its long snout. Due to the thin crocodile snout and small teeth, it was classified as a piscivore, meaning fish-eater. But what really made this dinosaur stand out was a large sail along the back of its body. It was often speculated that Spinosaurus used this sail to regulate body temperature."
"A fish-eating sail-boat! Nikolai likes." Nikolai said looking at the Spinosaurus eating.
"Shhh! Keep your voice down, you drunk Russian fool! Or else WE'RE going to be its side dish! How do we get past it, Takeo?" Samantha said looking at it. The Spinosaurus then stopped eating for a minute and began to look around and nearly saw Samantha. Samantha quickly ducked her head back behind the corpse with her mouth covered. She also put her other hand over her teddy bear's mouth.
"Very quietly." Takeo whispered. He then grabbed his Uzi and tiptoed around the neck of the Brachiosaur, watching the Spinosaurus eating the insides of the corpse. It then ripped out a part of the Brachiosaur's ribs, titled its head back and gulped it down. The four Raptor Slayers continued to tiptoe quietly past the eating Spinosaurus, watching their every step. But as they walked, Dempsey had almost tripped over a rotting dinosaur bone with meat still on it.
"Whoa….shit, that was close." Dempsey whispered and then continued onward. Dempsey continued to lead the group from the carcass. There were flies buzzing around everywhere near the group because of the rotting stinking flesh left by the carcass. The Spinosaurus behind them continued to eat and looked around to see if any other predators came to try and take a bite or two out of the carcass. As the group continued to walk past slowly, Nikolai saw a large beam of cyan blue light shooting up into the sky. It was the Mystery Box, also known as the Weapon Box or simply The Box. This excited Nikolai that he yelled, thinking they were in the clear.
"HEY GUYS! I SEE THE BOX! IT'S NOT FAR FROM HERE!" Nikolai yelled at the top of his lungs and pointing at the light.
"Nikolai shut the –" Dempsey said, quickly being cut off by the Spinosaurus turning around and noticing them. It then roared loudly at them, almost shaking the ground. It then chased after them while roaring, flashing its bloody teeth.
"Over various options…Takeo chooses RUNNING!" Takeo said getting his Uzi submachine gun ready. They all then started running from it but also firing at it at the same time. The Spinosaurus roared as they fired at him. It shook its head as the bullets hit its face and roared so loudly that it shook the ground again.
"Shitballs! These Uzi bullets won't work against him!" Dempsey said reloading his Uzi with another magazine.
"We should split up! It can't get all of us!" Samantha said getting out her M14 rifle.
"Good idea! Split!" Nikolai then pulled out his Trench Gun and ran with Samantha while Dempsey ran with Takeo to another side of the forest. The Spinosaurus then ran after Nikolai, him being the easiest to spot. As it approached Nikolai, his mouth was wide open with bloody teeth and tongue showing. The very breath of the Spinosaurus reeked of death and carnage. It would be like smelling one thousand freshly killed zombies after they were decomposing in coffins for millions of years. Nikolai then turned around and pumped his Trench Gun.
"Okay you ugly sailboat! OPEN WIDE AND SAY 'AAHHHHHHH!!!!'" Nikolai said aiming his Trench Gun as the Spinosaurus ran toward him. As soon as the Spinosaurus' mouth was close enough, Nikolai fired into its mouth. The buckshot hit the Spinosaurus' tongue and lower jaw, hitting both very deep and causing the tip of its tongue fly off and a few teeth to fly out as well. The teeth and tongue flew off in a bloody haze, causing the Spinosaurus to roar loudly in pain and rear back. It shook its head left and right, trying to shake the pain off. Nikolai then took this time to run to where Samantha was heading. He then tripped over a bone and the Spinosaurus quickly recovered. With nothing on his mind but eating the little fat Russian, Spinosaurus approached Nikolai with his mouth open.
"Is this how it ends for everyone's favorite zombie-killing Russian?!" Nikolai said as the Spinosaurus' jaws began to close around him.
"NIKOLAI!" Samantha yelled when seeing Nikolai about to become the Spinosaurus' next meal. Suddenly, the thunderous sound of a Raptor roar coming from somewhere. Then, the silhouette of a large dinosaur in the sun jumping from very high appeared on the ground. It then landed on the ground, making it shake quite a bit. The Megaraptor had returned! She roared and bore her claws at the Spinosaurus. She had smelled the scent of the Brachiosaurus' organs and flesh, planning to keep the corpse to herself. The Spinosaurus then let Nikolai go, paying attention to the Megaraptor. Nikolai then ran for his life to Samantha, trying to get away from the fight.
"Samantha needs front row seats for this fight!" Samantha said when Nikolai got there.
"Nikolai needs refreshments! Like plenty of vodka…oh, I'm so thirsty." Nikolai said watching to two titan dinosaurs face each other off. Dempsey and Takeo were on one side of the jungle and Samantha and Nikolai were on the other. Samantha and Nikolai then decided to run over towards where Dempsey and Takeo were. They were then reunited as the two colossal carnivores roared and stared each other down. The Spinosaurus roared with its mouth open wide like a crocodile, flashing his serrated teeth to intimidate the Megaraptor. But the Megaraptor was not impressed. She tapped her giant sickle-shaped toe claws on the ground, showing him how sharp they were. They started roaring at each other again, neither one wanting to back down. The Megaraptor then lowered her front claws flat on the ground and let out a trilling sort of sound like a crow. She continuously made the same sound at the Spinosaurus, almost as if she was taunting him. The Spinosaurus then roared and began to pace left and right with the Megaraptor, both focused on killing one another. The Spinosaurus then charged at the Megaraptor with his mouth wide open. The Megaraptor charged in as well. And the prehistoric battle began: Spinosaurus vs. Megaraptor! Meanwhile, Dempsey and the rest of the group watched the two titans fight.
"Thirty bucks says the walking sailboat will win!" Nikolai said watching the two carnivores fight.
"Maybe. But the Megaraptor may have a trump card up its sleeve. My money is on Megaraptor." Takeo said.
"Well, let's just see!" Dempsey said watching the two dinosaurs fight. Samantha watched excitedly. The Spinosaurus snapped its jaws at the Megaraptor while charging. Once it was in range, Megaraptor dodged the attack and then jumped on the side of the Spinosaurus. It then bit onto the Spinosaurus' neck and held on tight with its front claws. The Spinosaurus moved around and around, trying to get her off of him. The Megaraptor ripped and slashed at the Spinosaurus' side with her front claws and kept biting on his neck. The Spinosaurus was getting tired of this antic and was desperate to get her off him. He shook around roaring and then managed to grab the Megaraptor's tail and ripped her off. Spinosaurus then grabbed her by the back with his mouth and his own arm claws and bit into the Megaraptor's back. The Megaraptor screeched in pain and continuously moved around and around, trying to get the Spinosaurus off her back. The Spinosaurus still managed to hold on to Megaraptor and then finally thrashed her into a tree. The Megaraptor then fell on the ground, not moving at all. The Spinosaurus then approached the fallen Megaraptor slowly.
"I knew it! The walking sailboat wins! You owe me 30 bucks, Takeo!" Nikolai said.
"Oh shut up, Bolshevik shit-face!" Takeo said.
"I wouldn't celebrate just yet, Nikolai!" Dempsey said, pointing back at the battle.
The Spinosaurus stood over Megaraptor, roaring triumphantly. But as he lowered his head to get a good look at her, the Megaraptor quickly sprung back to life, making the Spinosaurus jump. She quickly sunk her teeth into Spinosaurus' neck and latched onto him once more, this time underneath him. The Spinosaurus tried to shake her off, but he could not. He even tried slashing at her with his long front claws but could not land a slash on her. Just then, a loud ripping sound came from out of nowhere. Dempsey and the rest of the Raptor Slayers looked on in surprise and almost horror. The Spinosaurus' eye pupils shrunk in horror as it beheld the sight it had witnessed. Its own intestines and a few vital organs were hanging out from underneath it, bloody and dangling on the sandy ground. But how was this possible? The Megaraptor had then jumped off of the Spinosaurus and then got back up, watching the Spinosaurus stumble and roar in agony. She then began taunting him again, making the same mocking call like a crow that was mocking an animal that had tried to eat it. The Spinosaurus then tried to attack the Megaraptor, but his vision was blurring and disorienting. He then finally fell on his left side, revealing a long and very deep open wound on the underbelly. The Megaraptor had sliced Spinosaurus' gut open like a Thanksgiving turkey, revealing its bloody intestines and internal organs that twitched slowly as its body was giving out. It was clear that this Spinosaurus would never see the light of day again. But he was still somewhat alive, breathing slowly and yet still bleeding out. When Megaraptor approached his dying body again, she taunted him again. This time it was not by using her mocking calls, but by grabbing his throat with her mouth and shaking him left and right. It was almost as if she was torturing him and playing with him before finally snuffing his light out. She then put her left foot on his side and sliced him open more and more to hear the Spinosaurus bellow in anguish. And for the grand finale, the Megaraptor dug her head into his now sliced-open belly and ripped out the Spinosaurus' bloody dark-red beating heart. She then thrashed her head left and right, ripping it from the insides that held it in place. She then removed her blood-covered nose from the corpse, revealing the Spinosaurus' large red heart that dripped blood from her mouth. The Megaraptor then snapped her jaws on the heart three times, leaned her head back and swallowed the Spinosaurus' heart much like in the manner of a bird. She then roared loudly, announcing to the jungle her triumph over the Spinosaurus. Dempsey's face was in absolute shock and disbelief. Nikolai's face was in absolute horror and dismay. Takeo's expression was a mix of awe and respect. Samantha's was one of great childish glee from what she witnessed.
"That….was….totally….AWESOME! The first dinosaur battle and now I just wish I had my camera! But what gets me is why didn't it kill the Spinosaurus when it fell?" Dempsey said looking at the Megaraptor.
"She's a predator….some predators like to play with their food before killing it. Make it suffer in its last agonizing moments of death. A somewhat honorable way to kill an enemy." Takeo said philosophically.
"I can't believe it! It killed the sailboat! REMATCH! NIKOLAI DEMANDS REMATCH!" Nikolai said angrily.
"Did you see the waterfall of BLOOD?! Truly devious way of killing! HEHEHEHEHE!" Samantha giggled gleefully and deviously at the carnage. The Megaraptor then looked in their direction, hearing them talk loudly. Everyone ducked as she looked their way.
"SHUT IT, YOU ASS-MAGGOTS! SHE'S LOOKING THIS WAY!" Dempsey whispered, as the Megaraptor looked their way.
"It was Nikolai. Without vodka, he's a lot worse." Takeo said. The Megaraptor knew they were there, but she wasn't interested in them. At least, for the moment she wasn't. The Megaraptor then went to the gigantic Brachiosaurus corpse and began to gorge herself on its stinking flesh and organs. She then managed to pluck out the liver like a vulture and continued to eat the liver. The Megaraptor then ripped it in half and quickly bobbed her head back like a chicken, helping the liver half go down her throat. She then looked around seeing if any other carnivores were going to come and try to grab a bite before eating again. The Megaraptor then ate the other liver half and continued eating the other contents of her newly won Brachiosaurus corpse. As for the Spinosaurus, the Megaraptor may carry him off to eat at whatever part of the island she called home. The Megaraptor then looked at Nikolai licking her lips. She still had her heart set on eating him.
"Let's not disturb her meal. Let's go find the box." Nikolai said squealing a bit in fear.
"Best idea you've ever had, Russian." Samantha said. Soon enough, the four Raptor Slayers left the Megaraptor to her meal and followed the light of the Mystery Box. Soon after about a half an hour of walking through the jungle, they finally found it. They all had plenty of points to get two weapons each. Dempsey had about 5590 points, Takeo had 6990 points, Nikolai had 4950, and Samantha had 5290 points.
"I'm first!" Samantha said, running to the box.
"Russians first!" Nikolai said shoving her out the way.
"Ladies first!" Samantha yelled.
"You're a lady?" Nikolai say wittingly. Everyone pretty much knew that Samantha was a girl, but she was trapped in Richtofen's body since he switched bodies with Samantha to control the zombies.
"Watch it, Russian! Or I'm going to—" Samantha said, beginning to threaten Nikolai. Suddenly, Takeo stood in front of the box and paid 950 points to open it. The box began randomizing the many weapons that were in it as the weapons rose. It was also playing a song as it randomized them. Then, the weapons began to slow down the randomization and it then stopped on dual Model 1887 shotguns. Much to Takeo's delight and wonder, he picked them up.
"Two shotguns will help Takeo with new blood-red paintjob!" Takeo said, holding one Model 1887 shotgun in each hand.
"Nice pull, Tak. Now it's my turn!" Dempsey said, paying his money to the Box. Once again the box randomized the weapons, all the while playing a song like you would hear in a music box. The weapons then began to slow down again and it finally stopped on a rather large and strange looking weapon. It had the same figure as an M72 LAW rocket launcher combined with the Thundergun, but had a chain of 50 orange glowing rockets in it.
"Magma Cannon DG-3000? Could this be another Wonder Weapon? OUCH! SHITBALLS! HOT, HOT, HOT!" Dempsey said as he picked up the piping hot Wonder Weapon. It was called the Magma Cannon DG-3000. It's essentially a hybrid of a flamethrower, a rocket launcher, and a Wonder Weapon. Wonder weapons were any strange weapons created by Group 935 to help get an edge back in World War Two. But of course, due to the victory and the Allied forces and the cataclysmic event of the Zombie Factory a.k.a. Der Riese, the weapons weren't mass-produced. Here's a little history behind the Magma Cannon DG-3000. A veteran Group 935 scientist named Baron von Vul Cano designed it. After years working on with Group 935, a Roman/German scientist named Baron von Vul Cano had long worked with people labeled as pyrokinetics, people who could burn things with their mind and he also studied volcanoes. He wondered how he could create a weapon with the same effect, only with a lot more devastation and pain. With these studies in mind, he engineered a deviant of the Flammenwerfer 35 and used magma as ammo for the gun. Dr. Maxis had the Magma Cannon DG-3000 slated for mass production. Of course, due the events of the Der Riese, the Magma Cannon, a lot like all the other Wonder weapons, was never released. Many of Group 935's Wonder weapons manage to find their way into the Mystery Box wherever Dempsey and the rest of the group are.
"Okay, okay. MY TURN! MY TURN!" Samantha said. She then opened the box, paying her 950 points. The box then randomized the weapons up again while playing the music box song. The weapons then slowed down and then finally stopped on an M2 Flamethrower.
"Gebratene dinosaurier! Kostlich!" Samantha said in her native tongue. She basically said, "Roasted dinosaur! Delicious!" She put the flamethrower tank on her back and held the nozzle in her hands.
"Alright! It is Nikolai's turn!" Nikolai said, shoving Samantha aside and paying his money to open the box. The box played its music while randomizing the weapons. It then slowed down and finally stopped on a MG-42 German machine gun.
"My God, this is fucking heavy! I am so tired!" Nikolai said, lugging the heavy MG-42 in his hands.
"A flamethrower, new Wonder weapon, dual shotguns, and an MG-42……JACKPOT!" Dempsey said holding his Magma Cannon DG-3000, examining it closely.
"Yes. But we must find this Visitor Center to find out what is going on. If only we had a map." Takeo said while getting used to his dual Model 1887 shotguns.
"Let's look on here. There's always a map on the Box Spawns." Samantha said looking at the map for the Visitor Center.
"Good idea! Looks like we're in the jungle right here. And it looks like the Visitor Center is further North past the…. Tyrannosaurus Paddock…and Dilophosaur Enclosure. I guess we should expect more dinosaurs on the way." Dempsey said. He then opened the box again, looking for a weapon to replace his Uzi. The weapons randomized quickly and then it finally stopped on an M240 machine gun.
"Now what am I going to with all these bullets? Oh yeah! TEAR BITCH-ASAURUSES UP! Oh and since we all have enough points, we can get two weapons." Dempsey said upon receiving the M240 machine gun for his Uzi.
"My turn!" Samantha said opening the box. She sent her next 950 points. The box opened once again and the weapons randomized. They then began to slow down and they finally stopped on a Monkey Bomb.
"My fuzzy little bundle of explosive love! Mommy has missed you! HEHEHEHE" Samantha said gleefully when she received the Monkey Bombs.
"Better you than me, Samantha." Nikolai said seeing the Monkey Bombs.
"Takeo's time to shine…again." Takeo said, opening the Box. The box once again randomized the weapons. They then began to slow down and it stopped on a belt of red incendiary grenades.
"Takeo shall show them the new meaning of firepower!" Takeo said receiving the Incendiary Grenades.
"Now let's go to the Visitor Center!" Dempsey said leading the way to the Visitor Center. Samantha and the rest of them followed behind. They were heading into the Tyrannosaur Territory right about now. As Dempsey was walking, he stopped and found a piece of paper on the ground. It looked like it was ripped in half with words on it. Then, Dempsey recognized that he wrote this letter long ago back to 1945 when he was in Iwo Jima. But whom could he have written the letter to, he wondered. He then kept the half of the letter in his pocket. He then moved on with the others, climbing over the gate with the others. There was a part of the electric fence where the T-Rex had broken out of and everyone climbed in. As soon as they were gone, the mysterious female soldier with the M16A1 rifle and mask on her face followed in after them. She then paused and shut off her cloaking device. She was also holding the other half of the letter with her thumb over the name next to "Dear" on it.
"Not yet, Tank…. not yet, but soon. I can't let myself slip just yet." She said. She then turned on her com-link on her wrist and contacted HQ.
"Mask to HQ. How much longer until I reveal myself?" She asked.
"Soon, Mask. You'll know when the time is right. In the meantime, just keep an eye on them. Over and out." HQ said.
"Mask copies all. Over and out." She said. Then she turned on her cloaking device, got out her M16A1 rifle, and went onward, following them into the T-Rex Enclosure.

IT'S FINALLY HERE! The Midnight Release! Nazi Zombies: Extinction Chapter 3: Those Who Don't Know Their Prehistory Part 2! Well, now. It looks like Dempsey and the Raptor SLayers got themselves in quite a stitch! They've now met Jurassic Parks most colossal dromaeosaur: The Megaraptor! But what happens when it goes up against the world's largest carnivorous dinosaur: The Spinosaurus! It's the Colossal Prehistoric Showdown in History: Spinosaurus vs Megaraptor! Also what is it about this woman and what's her connection to Tank Dempsey? All will be revealed in time! NOW ENJOY!

Chapter 1: Only Time Travel Will Tell - [link]
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